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Career Crisis

A career crisis can happen at any time. You might experience
"mini career crisis" just walking across the parking lot to
get to your office. Sometimes your career uncertainties creep
up on you when you least expect it and overwhelm you with
doubts. You might have a
"mini meltdown" throughout the day
and discover you've lost several minutes because you were
staring at your computer screen having random thoughts of escape.

When you try to camouflage your discontent about your career , the way
you handle it can range from living a life of quiet desperation (and hoping
those feelings will simply go away), to complaining about everyone from the
mailroom to the boardroom (blaming and finger pointing). When the seeds of career crisis are fueled by thoughts of hopelessness, it's difficult (if not impossible sometimes) to be optimistic and forward thinking.

Signs of career crisis can include:

   •  Resentment toward position, job function and/or management
   •  Questioning the importance (value or significance) of your role in the company
   •  Consistently calling out sick to take a "mental health day"
   •  Procrastinating on assignments - hoping it will go away
   •  Complaining, finding fault, seeing obstacles instead of opportunities
   •  Doing "just enough" to meet minimal performance expectations
   •  Having constant thoughts of "escaping" your job
   •  Having an "if money were no object I would ..." talk with yourself almost daily

Career Pathways can help get you out of your career crisis and move you past your concerns, fears and frustrations. We understand that a career crisis can make you feel paralyzed with career indecision and unable to make important choices about your future career goals.

Career Pathways career planning specialist will choose an assessment tool to better understand where you are and what your strengths, talents, skills and passions are. Based on those results, your Career Pathways career planning specialist will offer specific feedback and meaningful career coaching to help you create a customized career action plan. We'll guide you through a process that uncovers your "best fit options".

Career Transition

When you are faced with career transition decisions, it might feel a bit like a "glass half full, glass half empty" scenario. While career transition can be exciting, it can also make you feel like the rug has been pulled from under you. At
Career Pathways, we can show you how to select key elements of your career that can be used as a catalyst in redefining your career path. A career planning specialist at Career Pathways can help you make proactive decisions about next step career choices so that you can actively manage your career path - and not merely react to changes in employment.

There are many factors that impact career transitions; unfortunately, some of them are the inevitable and often uncomfortable circumstances that makes you feel out of control. The career planning specialists at
Career Pathways have navigated the roads of career transition and are able to share proven strategies and techniques, as well as, a bit of wisdom and some sage advice. Our career planning specialists are compassionate, talented and knowledgeable professionals. They can easily empathize with your individual circumstances because they've "been there, done that". Career Pathways career planning specialists will help you make specific, proactive choices to get your career on track by understanding your personal driving force.

Factors contributing to career transition:

   •  You've been involuntarily separated from the company (even if it was mutual)
   •  You've taken a severance package (albeit reluctantly)
   •  You've "invested" most of your career with the same company
   •  Your colleague is now your manager
   •  You feel forced to learn a new set of skills just to hold onto your job
   •  Your position is being reevaluated (again)
   •  You've been reassigned to a position that isn't a good fit for you

Because we use a variety of career assessment and diagnostic tools, we can better understand what's important to you, how to help you accomplish your career goals and support you every step of the way. When your
Career Pathways career planning specialist gives you specific career feedback, you'll be able to create a career action plan that lights the way to your personal career path.

Career Repositioning

Perhaps you have twenty years of experience and you want to explore other career options, or perhaps you don't want to feel pigeonholed into a role and you'd like to leverage your skills by doing something
"different". If you feel that you'd like to do something else and you've enjoyed a successful career and made meaningful contributions, you are an ideal fit for our career repositioning services.

Career repositioning is all about helping you see your strengths, skills, talents, gifts and experiences in a whole new light enabling you to leverage these components and embrace a new career path. Being willing to open yourself up to other career options and use your personal and professional experiences to begin a new chapter in your life is an exciting time. It can also be a challenging transition if you're not adequately prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

Indicators of career repositioning:

   •  Thoughts of "someday" feel like your dreams will never be realized
   •  You like what you do, but you're not excited about it
   •  Your current role pays well, but doesn't challenge
   •  You have other skills and abilities that you'd like to explore
   •  You are not being considered for opportunities that really interest you
   •  You've stayed in the same or very similar industries throughout your career

When it's time to seriously consider discussing your career repositioning with a skilled career planning professional you can count on
Career Pathways to help you make career decisions that speak to you both personally and professionally.
A career without direction is like a compass without a dial. Just showing up for work is not enough. You must have a purpose for being there and it must be the right fit - for both you and the company. Gain the skills, leverage your talents and re-purpose your résumé to start creating the career you really want.
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