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Career Pathways helps career focused adults and highly motivated coeds realize both their potential and their possibilities through careful, specific and highly personalized career planning coaching. The Career Pathways™ approach leverages specialized assessment tools with one-on-one career planning to help individuals create fulfilling lives through proactive career choices that ensure individual success.

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Sally Curry
Certified Career Assessment Specialist
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Sally Curry founded Career Pathways in 2006 to provide gold standard assessments, coaching and workshops for adults in career transition as well as college - high school students planning their career education.

As a
Certified Career Assessment Specialist, she encourages clients to identify their Natural Abilities through an assessment using timed work samples. In order to enhance personal awareness for “job-fit”, Sally utilizes “state-of-the-art” assessment instruments and written/discussion exercises to assist clients in describing their personality style, competencies & skills, interests and values.  This focuses on those environments, tasks and roles that best match in order to understand  “Who am I -  Where am I - What do I want to do”.

With scholastic clients ranging from college students to high school juniors and seniors, Sally provides tools, assessments and career coaching services to help young adults make proactive career decisions.  She assists with identifying appropriate majors and colleges to accommodate their personal preferences and strengths in order to ensure job-career satisfaction.

With qualifications and certifications including the
Highlands Ability Battery®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Strong Interest Inventory® and Hay-McBer Emotional Competency Inventory®, Sally leverages her expertise to provide a well-rounded platform of career guidance to her clients.

Upon request, Sally also coaches individuals in strategies for conducting a successful job search campaign.  She offers suggestions for creating targeted resumes and provides coaching to enhance interviewing skills. Sally emphasizes the importance of developing a personal marketing plan to structure the job search networking requirements in order to strategically identify hiring opportunities. 

Sally holds a Masters of Arts in Adult Education /Training and Development from North Carolina State University as well as Masters of Arts in Speech Pathology & Audiology from University of Illinois. A lifelong learner, Sally’s professional background includes 15 years in academia working with graduate and undergraduate students. She served the higher education market within four universities, providing instruction, supervision and curriculum guidance.

Sally facilitated the Fast Trac “Start Your Own Business” entrepreneurial series which was previously offered through Wake Technical Community College Business & Industry Center in Cary. She was an adjunct consultant with Right Management Consultants in the Raleigh, NC office providing outplacement services for manufacturing, financial, and technical employees and managers. She previously facilitated the Avadon Group’s introductory class for career self-assessment and facilitated a Career Development class at Miller-Motte College.

“If I had identified my natural abilities 30 years ago, I would have had the direction and the confidence to pursue my present career at an earlier stage of life…a career that more naturally and easily fits who I am as a whole person.”