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Career Planning For The Collegiate Client 
Career Planning For The Workforce Client
Whether it's going off to college, graduating soon or landing your first real job, you need a career plan developed around your specific goals.

We Focus On Career Planning Needs For Three Types
Of Collegiate Client

Off To College! - Career planning options for highly academically motivated students who will be entering college within a year and need direction on coursework choices.

Graduating Soon - Career planning options for coeds who want to leverage their internship experiences and independent studies to future their career aspirations.

First "Real" Job - Career planning options for graduating coeds who want to ensure that their initial career choice is relevant to their long term career goals.

In an ever evolving and increasing competitive world, you must have the skills, talent and desire to stay ahead of the game. But all too often, career minded people settle for just a job instead of doing what they love to do. At Career Pathways, we are dedicated to helping people create a pathway to career success.

Career Pathways offers assessment and diagnostic tools to help you make career choices based upon your natural abilities - which ensures a career path that points you toward success.

Find out more about how we use the
Highlands Ability Battery® to help Collegiate clients and workforce clients make career choices that are personally and professionally satisfying.

Sometimes change can be a wonderful thing. Then there are times when change can wreck havoc on your life and cause you to loose focus on what's important.

We Focus On Career Planning Needs For Three Types
Of Workforce Client

Career Crisis - Career planning options for professionals who are experiencing frustrations and feelings of overwhelm because of poor career choices.

Career Transition - Career planning options for professionals in roles that are unfulfilling, or are having difficulty finding positions that are a good fit.

Career Repositioning - Career planning options for professionals who want to explore other career endeavors while leveraging natural abilities and years of experience.
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